Practical Aspects of the Legal Profession

The Zurich Bar Association (ZAV) has been offering a course on practical issues in the legal profession in collaboration with the Europa Institute at the University of Zurich (EIZ) since 2004. In doing so, it takes account of the fact that there is no systematic legal training in our region and that lawyers are not given the entire tool set needed for practicing law, either at university or at court.

The goal of this two-module trade course is to provide practical training and further education for people entering the legal profession. It aims to expand their professional knowledge and skills. The course is aimed at lawyers who have recently taken up or are about to take up a legal profession, as well as at legal employees at law firms who have not passed the bar. The trade course only covers formal or material law related to occupation-specific topics. It is not intended as preparation for the bar examination. The admission requirement is a law degree or equivalent at a Swiss or foreign university.

More information can be found on our website. Webseite des EIZ