CAS Legal English and Common Law

Aim of the Course

Proficiency in legal English is an increasingly important skill for lawyers and economists working internationally. The CAS course provides participants with essential English legal terminology and an understanding of related common law concepts.

The course focuses on practical knowledge of Legal English for lawyers and economists in Switzerland. For each substantive topic, the focus is on terminology and language usage.

There is currently no equivalent offering in the form of a CAS course in Legal English and Common Law at any other University in Switzerland.


The entire course includes a total of 96 hours of instruction together with written assignments and practical exercises, participant presentations, and examinations. It is divided into a spring and a fall semester; both semester must be successfully completed to receive the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). The order in which the semesters are completed is irrelevant; one fall and one spring semester must be completed to receive the CAS.
The division of the CAS program into Spring and Fall Semesters allows a flexible start to the CAS course, meaning that the programme can be started in either fall or spring; the two semesters are coordinated so that the particular start of the continuing education course is irrelevant. The semesters can also be attended individually, but this does not lead to a CAS certificate, only to a certificate of attendance.

Target Audience

The course is designed for lawyers, economists and in-house counsel who wish to improve their skills in drafting and understanding legal documents in various areas of law.