CAS Inhouse Counsel

Aim of the Course

The course is a part-time university continuing education programme with the aim of providing present and future in-house counsels with an introduction to relevant areas of the working methods of people working in the position of in-house counsel. This includes in particular areas such as legal strategy, compliance, risk management, corporate governance, contract drafting, litigation and dispute management and other important areas of law. In addition, participants will acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of personnel and leader effectiveness, project management, people management, etc., which are necessary for successful in-house counsel. The programme combines academic teaching and research with practice and at the same time promotes professional, methodological and social skills.

Target Audience

The Inhouse Counsel Programme provides a broad overview of what it means to practice effectively in-house, with an emphasis on practical advice and tools that can be used directly. The programme has been developed by experienced in-house counsels and is run by leading general counsels in order to provide both new and experienced lawyers with an interesting, entertaining and ultimately pragmatic course. Participants will learn about legal strategy, compliance and risk management, corporate governance, contract drafting and review, litigation and conflict management and other important legal topics. Other skills required for success in business, including employee and manager effectiveness, project management and leadership will also be covered.

If you want to develop skills to advance your career, this is your chance to see all aspects of internal life from the perspective of the lawyers who run leading legal departments and functions. Lawyers in private practice with corporate clients also have a lot to gain, as this course will help you better understand your clientsʼ challenges, thought processes and priorities.